3rd Annual Assessment Day - August 7, 2012

Find presentation materials for this session here.

8:30 – 9:15

Continental Breakfast

8:45 – 9:10

President's welcome back to faculty and general remarks

9:10 - 9:25

Assessment Day opening remarks: Academic Affairs, University Assessment Team

9:25 - 9:30

Pass between sessions

9:30 - 10:40

Breakout Sessions I

10:40 - 10:45

Pass between sessions

10:45 - 11:55

Breakout Sessions II



1:00 - 5:00

Department and/or program assessment meetings


Session 1: Assessment at GC

This will be appropriate for new and semi-new faculty or those who would like to fully under- stand the overall plans and processes for assess- ing student-learning outcomes here at GC. This session will cover program assessment of stu- dent learning, CUBE learning outcomes, USLGs (University Shared Learning Goals), and how they all map together for a full and rich picture of our assessment system.

Presenters Breakout I: Cara Meade, Pete Carriere A&S 2-74 (presentation link)


Session 2: Writing/Revising Program Goals and Mapping


This session will be for program faculty and coor- dinators who would like to revisit, refine, or sharpen their student learning outcomes. Ideas will focus on writing measureable goals and/or outcomes or refining those already in place. This session will be interactive in that those attending will work on a plan for mapping their student learning outcomes to university-level outcomes. 

Presenter Breakout I: Kim Cossey, Heidi Fowler
Presenters Breakout II: Laurie Huffman, Liz Speelman A&S 2-70


Session 3: Using Assessment Data (How to deal with Data and Results)


OK. We've assessed our programs. We've writ- ten our SMART Reports. Now what do we do? The answer: we put our data to work engineer- ing modifications if our assessment suggests the need. These modifications may concern differ- ent levels: the college level, the department level, or the specific course level. Furthermore, some modifications may indicate budget consid- erations. Until we put our data to work, how- ever, we aren't finished; as assessment people say, we haven't closed the loop. This session will illustrate some real-life examples of data at work at Georgia College and around the nation. 

Presenters Breakout I: Jason Stover, Karen Bendersky (ppt) (discussion notes) (references)
Presenter Breakout II: Kirk Armstrong, Cara Meade A&S 2-72 (presentation link)


Session 4: "Don't get stuck on 285: How to navigate the assessment loop" 


This session discusses the assessment cycle. What is the assessment cycle? How do you “close the loop”? How do you take the results you reported last year and use them to improve your students’ learning? How do you communi- cate your results and changes to the stakehold- ers? With whom should you be communicating? How do you improve your assessment plan? What do you do with the feedback you get from others? 

Presenters Breakout I: Matha Colvin, Tanya Goette
Presenters Breakout II: Kevin Crabb, Cynthia Alby A&S 2-75


Sesstion 5: teaching and Learning in Area B


Are you interested in proposing an Area B (GC1Y or GC2Y) course or did you teach one during fall ‘11 or spring ‘12? This session will be for those who would like to collaborate with col- leagues who have taught or will be teaching courses in Area B and discuss and exchange ideas. This session will focus on assessing the Area B learning outcomes for these two courses. 

Presenters Breakout I: Stephanie McClure, Jeff Turner
Presenters Breakout II: Beauty Bragg, Warner Belanger, Mary Magoulick A&S 3-64


Session 6: Administrative Planning Reports


In these sessions designed for non-academic ad- ministrative units (i.e. no degree programs or credit hours produced), we will discuss some of the key components to include in an administra- tive unit mission statement, the construction of well-defined and measurable unit goals, how to define appropriate measures for assessing unit goals, and the process for closing the feedback loop. Examples will be explored for comparison and discussion, and participants will have oppor- tunities to work on items specific to their own Administrative Planning Reports. 

Presenters Breakout I: Jason Huffman, Paul Jahr
Presenters Breakout II: Jason Huffman, Paul Jahr A&S 3-70