Assessment Day 2013

Assessment Day this year is August 13th. Please mark your calendars! With final SACS deadlines arriving soon, Assessment Day this year will be a very important day for you to work within your programs to wrap up the 12/13 assessment cycle.  Completed 12/13 SMART reports are due earlier than usual this year due to the fact that our final SACS materials must be submitted prior to the end of August. In an effort to provide extra time to work on these reports,  we will not have a morning speaker or program as in past years but rather will dedicate the whole Assessment Day to program and department assessment endeavors.  The agenda for the day is below.  Please plan on coming together briefly in the morning for breakfast and a few welcoming words and then plan to attend a Core Forum (for faculty teaching in an area using common rubrics) or join your program for the day as you kick off the new year's assessment endeavors and wrap up the old.



Breakfast Mix and Mingle  


University Banquet Room


Opening Remarks 

Welcome back from Academic Affairs and Office of the President

A&S Auditorium


Core Faculty Forums 

Faculty teaching in Areas A1, B, and C who would like to gather to discuss the Common Rubric assessment for their area are invited to meet to provide feedback, suggestions, and ideas regarding the rubrics and assessment method in these areas. There will be breakout sessions for each area.

Area A1- A&S 2-70


Area B- A&S 2-72


Area C- A&S 2-75


Program/Department Assessment Meetings

Faculty not attending a Core forum return to schools to begin working on program/department assessment

Place TBA by coordinator

10:30- 12:00

Administrative Assessment Session

Session for all Administrative Division Chairs who complete Administrative Planning Reports

A&S 2-72


Program/Department Assessment Meetings College/Department/Program assessment work time.  Deans will circulate an agenda by college providing specific details for the day. 

Place TBA by coordinator