Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment

POLICY:  Board of Regents Policy Manual 2.9,

As directed by the Board of Regents (BOR Policy Manual 2.9) all academic and administrative support units at Georgia College & State University engage in a variety of assessment practices driven by the university's strategic directions to ensure efforts towards continuous improvement. The assessment of unit and program effectiveness is a multi-tiered process that is cyclical in nature and leads to program and unit level improvement based on data-driven changes.

To facilitate the assessment of institutional effectiveness, several processes are in place that assess all academic and administrative support units at Georgia College. These processes are Progress and Planning, Administrative Planning, and the SMART assessment process. Each of these processes contributes to the overall effectiveness of the institution and demonstrates how Georgia College is effectively accomplishing its mission.

The University utilizes software to assist in efforts related to institutional effectiveness and assessment planning. Please see here for more information regarding the use and function ofCompliance Assist! at Georgia College.

Please see the quick comparison of all institutional effectiveness processes at GC.