Assessment Resources


GC's Goals and Outcomes for Student Learning

GC's Core Outcomes and Overlay Outcomes:  (PDF version(Word version)

University Shared Learning Goals (USLGs):  (PDF version) (Word version)

Degree Program Goals (PDF)

Degree Program Student Learning Outcomes: (PDF)


Writing Measurable Outcomes

Writing Objectives Using Bloom's Taxonomy (UNC Charlotte)

How to Write Program Objectives/Outcomes (UConn)


Articles and Other Assessment Resources 

 Article: Why Do I Like Assessment? Let Me Count the Ways  (The Chronicle)

Online Course Assessment 

Classroom Assessment Techniques (Iowa State University)

 Writing Instructional Objectives (UCONN)

Assessment Resources from AAC&U (American Association of Colleges & Universities)

How To Do Assessment (UCONN)

The Assessment Cyberguide for Learning Goals and Outcomes (American Psychological Association)

Assessment: How to Survive It and Benefit from It by Dr. Robert A. Blumenthal (The Department Chair)